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Create your own personal library of television programs, movies and sports that you can watch at your convenience. You can even pause, rewind and fast forward live television to playback scenes you missed. Record two programs at once and set series recordings so you never miss an episode.

Status Bar

The Status Bar appears whenever you pause, rewind or fast forward a live program. It also gives you information such as the title of the program you are watching, the source of the program and duration of time. The yellow position bar indicates where you are in the program. Green indicates the length of the program you are watching. White indicates the length of the programs available in the buffer. Red indicates that you are watching a recording in process.


As you watch live TV and recorded programs, press PAUSE and programming on your TV screen instantly freezes. For programs you are watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to 90 minutes. Pressing PAUSE more than once allows frame by frame viewing. Press PLAY to resume normal play of the program from the point where it was paused.


Want to review a portion of your live show? Press REWIND. Press it again up to four times to increase the rewind speed. REW, REW2, REW3 and REW4 will appear on-screen. REW is the slowest setting and REW4 is the fastest. Press REWIND a fifth time or press PLAY to resume normal play.

Fast Forward

For programs you are watching live, FAST FORWARD can be activated if you have paused or rewound the program. Press FAST FORWARD to move forward in the program. Press it up to four times to increase the fast forward speed. FF, FF2, FF3 and FF4 will appear on-screen. FF is the slowest setting and FF4 is the fastest. Press FAST FORWARD a fifth time or press PLAY to resume normal play. You can only fast forward up to the point of live broadcast.

Parental Locks

You can restrict viewing of recorded programs just like any other program. If you schedule a recording for a program you have locked, the program will be recorded, however, audio is muted and no video will appear while the program is recording. A restricted notice remains on-screen allowing you to enter your PIN to view the program during recording. Once the program has been recorded, you can access it from your list of recorded programs. Just enter your PIN to view it.

One-Touch Record

Press the red RECORD button on your remote any time while watching TV or while navigating through the guide. For programs airing now, recording begins immediately at the point you pressed RECORD. You can automatically schedule recordings for programs starting at a later time or date by pressing RECORD while in the listings. Recording will start at the program’s scheduled start time.

Record from Program Info

From the listings, highlight a program starting now or scheduled for a later time. Press the INFO button and you will see an information screen. Highlight the RECORD icon and press OK to start recording at the time the program is scheduled to start.

View Scheduled Recordings

From the Main Menu or Quick Menu, select DVR. Select Future Recordings and you will see a list of all the programs you have scheduled to record. Select a title to cancel the scheduled recording or modify the recording options.

View Recorded Programs

From the DVR Menu, select My Recordings. Use the Up and Down arrows on your remote to search through and highlight titles from your list of recorded programs. Press OK/Select or INFO to select the program.

Delete Recordings

A recorded program stays in your personal video library until you decide to delete it unless you have it set to delete when space is needed. From a Recorded Program Information screen, select the DELETE icon to delete the recording.

Multi-Room DVR

Multi-Room DVR functions like a DVR with the added ability of watching, recording and deleting programs from any room in your home.

Access Recordings

Press the green LIST button to launch the Multi-Room DVR feature and display the My Recordings screen.

Playback Details

When the recording you want to watch is highlighted, press the OK button to see the recording details on the Playback Details screen. This screen gives you a description of the recorded program and offers the following playback options:
  • Watch a recording from where you left off by selecting Resume Playback
  • Watch a recording from the beginning by selecting Play-From-Beginning
  • Delete a recording by selecting Delete

Resume Playback

The Resume Playback menu offers you the following options:
  • Choose This Room’s latest position to watch from where playback was stopped on this TV
  • Choose Master Bedroom’s latest position to watch from where playback was stopped in the room where your DVR is located. (Master Bedroom is an example of the room assigned to your DVR.)
  • Choose Follow-Me Bookmark position to watch from where playback was bookmarked in another room

Follow-Me Bookmark

The Follow-Me Bookmark option allows you to set a bookmark during playback of a recording and resume that recording from that same bookmark in another location in the home.

While watching a recorded program, press the MENU button on your remote. Select the Set Follow-Me Book icon on the menu. Press the OK button on you remote to bookmark the current view location.

You will see a Follow-Me Bookmark Successfully Set confirmation message. You can now retrieve this bookmark to resume playback of the recording from this point at any other TV in your home.

Schedule a Recording

Press the MENU button on your remote. Select the Schedule a Recording icon on the menu and press the OK button on your remote.

On the Schedule a Recording screen, use the up and down arrows on the remote to select the Channel, Date, Adjust time by and What’s in-progress at: fields. Use the left and right arrows to scroll though these fields to locate and select the program you want to record. The title and a description of the show you select will appear in the Program field.

Once you have set up your recording, select the Rec Program icon and press the OK button on your remote to schedule the recording. A Record Request Succeeded message will display. You can also select the Rec Series icon to schedule multiple episodes of a program to be recorded.

View/Change DVR Hubs

Select View Hub List from the Main Menu to view the DVRs in your home. All the DVRs that are part of the multi-room network will display on this screen.

You can also use this screen to change the names of the DVR Hubs to match the various locations in your home. Press the MENU button on your remote from this screen and then enter the new name.

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